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Anybody who classes themselves as an avid gamer, would at sometime or other had an experience of the video game Pong. A highly addictive game, Pong is another classic bat (or paddle) and ball game of the 1970s. The game is believed by many to be the worlds first video game, although not entirely true, it was invented by the same man who brought us the worlds first true computer game “Computer Space.” 

The History of Pong: A First Generation Classic: 

Pong was brought to us by Nolan Bushnell, one of the men behind the Atari company. The game was first released into the North American Market in 1972, and for Japan a year later. Pong is of the sports simulation genre. 

After the release of the game a bitter lawsuit was filed against Bushnell's Atari company. It was brought to the attention that another company called Sanders Associates had released a game called Magnavox Odyssey, a compilation of games which included a table tennis video game. After a legal battle was fought the judge favoured Sanders Associates, and Atari paid an out of court settlement believed to be around $700,000, to Sanders Associates to licence the patents for the game. 

The game is simple, avoid missing the ball for a high score. It's highly recognized for it's classic table/tennis action. The first player to reach a set number of points wins the game. 

Game Controls:  Use the mouse to control the paddle.

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