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free_centipede_arcade_game.jpgCentipede was one of the most popular arcade games ever produced by Atari. While arcade games seemed to attract a fair amount of males, Centipede was one of several games heavily embraced by the female crowd. As a player it is your job to shoot a centipede that winds its way down the screen. With amazing artwork and addicting game play, it isn’t hard to believe that Atari’s Centipede is still one of the top 10 arcade games of all time.

The value of a Centipede arcade game has held steady over the last ten years. There are many home arcade, or retail outlets that will sell you a bullet proof, working Centipede arcade game that looks brand new anywhere from $800-$2400. Truth be told, you can buy a used Centipede arcade game for your man-cave for $300-$500 working and with vintage usage flaws.

Game Control:  Mouse / Left click to fire! 

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