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Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and was one of the first games to use a light gun or NES Zapper as it was aptly named. Although the games repetitive nature, The magazine Nintendo Power rated the game in the top 200 best ever Nintendo releases.

The History of Duck Hunt:

The game was first released for the Japanese market on April 21, 1984 and was developed and published solely by Nintendo. Duck Hunt is a single or two player light gun shoot 'em up.

The object of the is straightforward, the player must attempt to shoot all the ducks or clay pigeons that simply appear on screen. There are various gaming modes to select, which include; Single duck, double duck or clay pigeon shooting.

The player has three chances to shoot down the duck before it inevitably flies away. If the player misses a duck with the three shots, a dog will appear out of the bushes and laugh at the players expense. In the arcade version of the game it is possible to shoot the dog during a bonus round, and a rather humorous cut scene with the dog hobbling on crutches takes place.

Conversions and Sequels: 

The game was only ever release on three platforms which include; Nintendo Famicom, NES and arcade. However, Duck Hunt has been included as a mini game in other Nintendo releases, and has also been released as part of a compendium game set. To date there has never been a sequel to the game. Duck Hunt is freely available to play from many retro gaming sites across the internet.

Game Controls:  Mouse to select aim and click to fire.

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