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Galaga is the sequel to the hugely successful space shoot 'em up of the early 1980's called Galaxian. The game carries on the formula of it's illustrious brother as well as several new concepts of it's own. Galaga can still be found in the arcades today and seems to be just as successful as the day it was released. 

The History of Galaga 

Galaga was released into the arcades 1981, developed by Namco and published by Namco and Midway. The game is a single or two player experience of the space shoot 'em up genre.

As the player you control a spacecraft, and your objective is to destroy the hordes of kamikaze aliens that swoop down from above. Apart from graphically, the game has a variety of differences from Galaxian, including a bonus stage, which 40 enemy ships, must be destroyed before exiting the stage.

Another new aspect of the game play is that the players fighter can be captured by a tracking beam of the boss Galagians. If this happens the player must destroy the boss, and the fighter will be released. However, if this happens with only one life remaining, the game ends.

Game Controls:  Press ENTER to start.  SPACE BAR to shoot.  ARROW KEYS to move.

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