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Ghost 'N Goblins

 free_ghost_n_goblins_arcade_game.jpgKnown as Makai-Mura in Japan, Ghosts 'n Goblins is thought by many to be one of the most difficult games to complete of all time. The game has a twist in the tale. After completing the game, the player is transported back to the beginning. Only after completing the game a second time will the player be awarded the games true ending. 

The History of Ghost 'n Goblins: Welcome to Demon World Village. 

The game is a single or two playing alternating turn game of the action/platform genre. First released on 19th September 1985, the game was developed and published by Capcom, and designed by Tokuro Fujiwara

As the player you take control of the lead character Sir Arthur the Knight, who's girlfriend Guinevere has just been kidnapped by the evil Goblin King. Arthur must fight his way through various levels. There are six side scrolling and eight horizontal levels in total., and each level finishes with a boss character.

Arthur must defeat numerous undead enemies along the way. The undead are incredibly persistent, and finishing a level without a scratch will take a lot of practise. To aid Arthur in his quest, many weapons, including; swords, flaming torches and axes can be found throughout the levels. Bonus suits of of armour can also be obtained. 

Game Controls:  Enter to start.  Arrow keys to walk and climb.  Shift to jump.  Ctrl (control) to fire.

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