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Super Hang On

Hang On upon it's release in the arcades broke new ground with it's large sit down replica motorcycle style cabinet, featuring a speedometer, brakes and throttle. Hang On was the first in a successful line of games from the same design team that brought the awesome Out Run series to the gaming public.

Hang On revolutionised the arcade racing genre, and was the benchmark title that all other racing games aspired to.

The History of Hang On

First released for the arcades in 1985, the game was developed and published by Sega Enterprises. Designed by Yu Suzuki, Hang On is a single player game of the racing genre.

The game is played from a third person perspective, and the objective is to complete a race by reaching various checkpoints before the time limit expired. The game would finish if the timer runs out before crossing the checkpoint line.

There were five different stages in total to complete, and they were as follows: 

Grand Canyon
City Night

The five stages featured rich vibrant graphics, and situated throughout the stages were various advertising billboards, that give the illusion of speed when passing.

Game Controls:  Arrow keys

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