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Kaboom is a signature Activision game, that relies on simple, yet fun and addictive game play. The game would never have seen the light of day if a conversion of an arcade game called Avalanche hadn't been rejected because of processing power of the Atari 2600. Kaboom was very successful, selling 3 million copies over a two year period.

The History of Kaboom! 

Released in 1981 and developed and published by Activision. Kaboom is a single or two player action game that was designed by Larry Kaplan. The game is a test of reflexes and agility.

The object of the game is very simple. The player has to catch the bombs thrown by the mad bomber in a bucket. The more bombs you catch, the more points you score. Every 1000 points that are scored the player gets another bucket.

However, the maximum number of buckets available is three. If a bomb is missed it explodes, then a bucket is lost. As the game progresses the bombs are thrown at faster speeds, there are eight levels in total to complete.

Conversions and Sequels:

Kaboom was originally released for the Atari 2600 home console, but have also been converted for; Atari 5200.

There was a version reportedly made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but unfortunately the game never surfaced. A hand held key ring version was released in the 1990s made by Tiger Electronics. At the present time, no sequels for Kaboom have ever been made.

Game Controls:  Click the yellow play button in the bottom right to start. Mouse to move and left click to start the dropping of bombs.

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