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Metal Slug

Metal Slug was the first in a series of games to be created around an armoured fighting vehicle. The game is view by many to be at the peak of 2D video game design. Metal Slug features hand drawn animated characters, fluid, fast paced game play and a sense of humour which parody some of the worlds most feared dictators. The game is still viewed by many as a classic video game experience. 

The History of Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 

First released on May 24th 1996. Metal Slug was developed and published by Nazca Corporation/ SNK for the Neo-Geo home console and arcade markets. It was a single or two player co-op game of the shoot 'em up genre. 

The story is set in the future, and based on the genesis of modern day terrorism, where two warring factions battle for supremacy. These factions are aptly name; The Rebellion And The Regular Army. The Rebellion is made up of various militant groups whose main object is greed and power. The Army as you'd expect are a well drilled military organisation controlled by the worlds various nations. 

The game play features solid, fast fast shoot 'em up action, where the player must battle his/her way through multiple enemies before reaching the end of the level. Where a boss character must be confronted and defeated in order to move on to the next level. There are six levels in total. 

As well as the basic melee attacks there are various weapons that can be found to aid the cause. Dotted throughout the levels are captured POWs, and upon release bonus power ups are awarded. But as the title of the game suggests, the most important weapon is the Metal Slug itself. 

The vehicle comes equipped with a rapid firing cannon, that is multi-directional, and a more explosive heavy cannon. However, the slug is not indestructible, and can only take three direct hits before exploding. Health can be restored by finding canisters which are dotted around the world. 

Game Controls:  Once the game has loaded use the mouse to click the buttons on the screen to select the difficulty. Keys are: W- A- S- D are to Move and Duck....J- K- L are to fire, jump and throw bombs.

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