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Missile Strike

free_missile_strike_arcade_game.jpgMissile Strike is a classic video game experience. The game is a clone of the extremely popular 1980's arcade sensation Missile Command. Although simple by design, the in game graphics are of a high standard, and the sound effects too are convincing. 

Missile Strike: A Brief History 

The game was first released in 1999, and was developed and published by Multi-Media Design. Missile Strike is basically a single player game of the "shoot 'em up" genre. The game was designed by Mike Dogan. 

The gamer plays the role of a missile commander, with the object being to protect up to three bases from an attack of comets. This is achieved by moving a cross-hair in front of the incoming comets path and launching a missile from one of the three bases in hopes of destroying the projectile. 

Ammunition is limited per round, so the best plan of action is to try and destroy several comets with one missile. Another tip to save ammunition is to ignore the comets that are not on a collision course with either one of the bases. The player's ammunition stack will be replenished every round, plus the addition of an extra missile. The gaming experience will end when all the bases are destroyed.

Conversions and Sequels 

At the time of writing, there are no sequels of the game available, or if the game has been released onto other platforms. 

Game Controls:  Use your mouse and left click to fire missiles at the asteroids. Use space bar to fire nukes.

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