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Ms Pac-man

Because Namco has owned the rights to this game a year after its initial release, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking they had anything to do with its production other than making the original game engine. Nope... not only was this sequel developed in the US, it was originally created as a hack of the original Pac-man game, named Crazy Otto. The thing is, unlike other Pac-man hacks, this one did not suck, so the programmers racked up the courage to show it to Midway. Midway liked it, bought it, made some changes, and the result was Ms. Pac-man.

Despite what was said in the Wayne's World movie, there were more upgrades other than the bow added to the top of Pac's head. They also added an eye AND a mole. =) Plus there are 4 new maze layouts, each with their own color scheme. There are also different fruits, all of which are now able to move around the maze. Finally, there's some new music and some new intermissions. Also, the monsters start going solely by their US nicknames at this point, and after some surgery, "Clyde" is now known as "Sue."

Baby Pac-Man is introduced in one of the intermissions, who would eventually star in his own game.

Midway did not get Namco's permission to release this game. In the end, they decided to give up the rights of this game to Namco to avoid a potential lawsuit. Of course, Midway continued to make unauthorized Pac-man sequels after this, and while none were particularly successful, it did strain the companies' relationship enough for Namco to switch to Atari as its US partner by 1987. 

Game Controls:  Arrow keys to move.

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