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Puzzle Bobble

This game was first developed and released in Japan only in year 1994 and was known as "Puzzle Bobble". The game was designed and developed by Taito Corporation but after 6 month a new NEO GEO version of Puzzle Bubble was released all over the world with addition of sound effects. The game is  also known as Bust-a-Move. Puzzle Bubble has different level well design to captivate you in this for a long time and a good scoring system.

How to Play: This is a real simple game to play with attractive levels, as you will have a plane rectangular area filled with prearranged pattern of coloredbubbles”. At every level the pattern of bubble will change according to the number of level cleared. The bubbles of different colors are also known as Balls but they act like bubble as they pop when arranged in desired order. At the bottom of the rectangular area there is bubble firing device which is controlled by the user by keyboard or joysticks. When you press the key it fires up the bubble on the screen and you have to make the arrangement of three same colored bubble to get it popped up. This is why this game is called the Puzzle Bubble Shooter.

The color of fired bubble is totally random or based on the remaining bubble on the screen. When the fired they travel straight in the line until they ouch other bubble or reach the top of the screen and if he fired bubble makes a triplet with the same color bubble they all popped out from screen along with the hanging bubble from them and you get awarded points based on how many bubble at once you have popped.

Game Controls:  Click the 'push 1p to start' flashing text to start. Arrow keys to move and space bar to fire bubbles.

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