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Super Mario World

For many years Nintendo had dominated the home console market, with it's Nintendo Entertainment System. Helping lead the way was the companies flagship game and mascot Mario Bros. The first game in the series being released in 1985. In 1990 Nintendo was about to unleash it's new console on the world, tentatively called the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the launch title that was going to be released along side it, Super Mario World. 

The History of Super Mario World: 

The game was released on the S.N.E.S for the Japanese market on November 21st 1990. Released under the title of “Super Mario Bros. 4” the game was once again produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, and like all other Mario Bros. versions before it, was a single and two player game of the platform genre. 

Once again the game followed the tried and tested Mario Bros. story line of their journey through a variety of different worlds (7 in total) to rescue the princess from the evil Bowser. The game took full advantage of the graphical capabilities of the S.N.E.S (16 bit) which give the characters and worlds a more three dimensional image, with the introduction of parallax scrolling. 

A new feature in Super Mario World was an option which allowed the player to exit each world without it's completion. This feature was activated upon the previous completion of the world. Other new features were the inclusion of new power ups such as the “feather,” which allowed Mario to fly. This is particularly useful for bridging huge gaps that might have been inaccessible by any other means. New block types are also present, some contain items, as well as vines for Mario to climb. The red triangular blocks are particularly useful, as these allow Mario to walk up vertical surfaces. 

A brand new character also makes an appearance, Yoshi the dinosaur. There are four different Yoshis in total, each with a different colour and ability. 

Although the game was deemed a success, and often compared to the original Super Mario Bros. selling over 20,000,000 copies worldwide, the producer Shigeru Miyamoto was not entirely happy with the overall production of the game. He believed that because of the rushed production time to coincide with the release of the S.N.E.S, he was unable to design a game that lived up to the high standards he previously attained. 

Game Controls - Use the mouse to click the screen to start.
Jump: A key - Run: S Key - Move: arrow keys - Pause: Space Bar

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