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Over the years Nintendo have been responsible for the release of some of the most popular video game characters ever to grace the media platform. The Legend of Zelda series being no exception. The series sees the continuing exploits of the games main character called Link. The series has sold more then 52,000,000 copies since the release of the original. 

The Legend of Zelda: A brief History 

The first game in the series was first released into the Japanese market in 1986. Developed and published by Nintendo, the game was designed by the award winning Shigeru Miyamoto. Zelda is a single player game that includes aspects of various genres, including; adventure, RPG, platform and puzzle solving, so it truly defies genre classification.

The adventure begins with the main character Link in the over world, which is a map of Hyrule with all the games accessible environments. His quest is to locate and retrieve the eight parts of the Triforce of Wisdom from the guardian monsters. The parts are scattered throughout the world, and Link must search for clues to their whereabouts from the games NPCs or Non Playable Characters. 

Once Link has found all eight fragments, he must then venture on to the the evil Prince of Darkness Ganon's fortress, where he must fight and destroy him with a silver arrow. Once defeated Link must then free the captured princess from her cell so she can restore peace to the world of Hyrule. 

Conversions and Sequels 

After the success of the Legend of Zelda on the Famicon system, Nintendo re-released the game on virtually every one of it's systems to date. 

Game Controls: Use Arrow keys to move, and the spacebar to swing sword

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