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About Us

City Arcade was created for those who desire to "RE-LIVE" those great arcade experiences of the 1970's, 80's and 90's. Within City Arcade, you will learn the history of every game featured, as well as have the ability to "PLAY" every game absolutely FREE!

Here at City Arcade we are working very hard to bring back some of the hottest games from way back then. 

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                Please allow up to 10 seconds for certain games to upload.

Every game featured here in City Arcade also includes game control instructions, with very simple mouse and keyboard combinations.            

So weather you're just browsing the net during your break, or simply bored to death, please allow City Arcade to be your personal online gaming platform. We challenge all of our visitors and subscribers to come see if they still have what it takes to master these classic games from the past!

Share City Arcade with your family, friends and cyber buddies around the web. Rate our games, leave us a comment. Tell us what game(s) you enjoy the most and why. 

Thank you for stopping by, and we certainly hope your gaming experience here at City Arcade is nothing less than excellent!